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Meet Ellie

Teacher. Leader. Math Nerd.

Ellie Goldberg has been working in education since 2002 when she began her career as a Teach For America Corps Member teaching algebra at the largest public high school in Baltimore City. Teaching math for a total of eight years, she remained at her original placement school for four years, and subsequently taught mathematics at Codman Academy Charter Public School in Boston and at The Met School in Providence, Rhode Island. Her students in Baltimore, Boston, and Providence all achieved the highest test scores in the history of their schools, and she was nominated by The Met School for and received the Raytheon MathMovesU Math Hero Award in the fall of 2011.

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Teacher Educator

In addition to working directly with students, Ellie has been involved in teacher education since her first year in the classroom when she was videotaped for a professional development project with Teach For America. She has also been filmed for several other projects including Houghton-Mifflin Publishers and Tufts University. She has facilitated a myriad of professional development workshops, including her work with a team at the Education Development Center to author courses for teachers focusing on the Common Core State Standards.


Ellie has also served as an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins and Brown Universities teaching students pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching and co-taught a course for undergraduate STEM majors pursuing teaching credentials through the UTeach Program at The University of Texas at Austin. Higher Education Courses she has taught include Elementary Math Methods, Teaching for Transformation: I and II (Secondary Mathematics), and Knowing and Learning in STEM Education.

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