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There are no limits to what we can accomplish together

Educational Consulting with Ellie Goldberg



Teacher Development & Support

Elevate the skills of all educators through tailored training sessions focusing on research-based practices known to promote equity in the classroom. Engage Ellie to help individual or teams of teachers in practice-based settings.


Curriculum & Content Development

Collaborate with Ellie to create comprehensive, engaging, and standards-aligned K-12, higher education, or post-graduate curricular programs.


Research & Writing

Leverage Ellie's research expertise to support your work by integrating research and practice. Engage Ellie's exceptional writing skills to craft compelling articles, reports, and thought leadership pieces on various educational topics. 

Meet Ellie

PhD in STEM Education and Experienced Educator

Ellie Goldberg has worked in education for over 20 years. She began her career as a high school math teacher, and taught for eight years in urban public schools on the East Coast. She has written K-12 curriculum, co-authored and facilitated myriad  professional development opportunities for teachers, and served as the Founding Mathematics Director for the Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates Program. Ellie holds a Bachelor's of Arts from The University of Chicago, a Master of Arts in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, and a Master's of Education from Harvard University. Most recently she completed her PhD in STEM Education as a Harrington Fellow at The University of Texas at Austin.

Photo courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin

What I Specialize In

Teacher Professional Development

Coaching and Mentoring

Curriculum Design

Research and Writing Support

STEM and Mathematics Education

"Ms. Goldberg, you played a big role in my life. You called me the [algebraic] rule master in your class. I always hated math but you made me like it.” 

- Former High School Student

“[I] felt like this is one of the few classes at UT where I have really felt engaged and enlightened every single day of class. So many things learned in this class I'm going to be able to apply in my work and personal life in the future.”

- Former undergraduate student

"Thank you for all you did to get us smiling, laughing, thinking, and bonding. Thank you for the empowerment you fostered in me that summer. Thank you for the work you did to make the TEU a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing."

- Former undergraduate student 

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