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Teacher Development and Support


Professional Development Sessions for Teachers

Elevate the skills of all educators through tailored training sessions focusing on research-based practices known to promote equity in the classroom.

Ellie’s areas of expertise include centering student thinking and elevating student voice, promoting student sensemaking and encouraging productive struggle, developing positive STEM identities and positioning students as competent, and engaging students in high-demand mathematical tasks. She has designed and delivered professional development courses and workshops focused on fostering algebraic and geometric thinking, Common Core Mathematics, facilitating discussions centered on student-thinking, and project-based learning. Ellie has designed and delivered professional learning experiences in conjunction with the Education Development Center (EDC) in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Baltimore City Public Schools, Teach For America, and The Met School. 

One-on-one or Group Coaching and Mentoring

Ellie can support teachers with curriculum writing and/or implementation, conduct observation/feedback cycles and/or co-teach lessons, and work with teams of teachers to develop and sustain a professional learning community. Ellie coached elementary, middle, and high school teachers working in public schools in Providence, Rhode Island, through her work with a unique district-union collaboration. Additionally, in her work with the Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates (TEU) Program she coached and supported undergraduate students during their teaching practicum, as well as the local K-12 teachers serving as their mentor teachers.

Engage Ellie to help individuals or teams of teachers in practice-based settings.

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